Some explanations!

Horn of Plenty
(Cornu copiae in Latin) is a mythological object
shaped like a triton shell used by Ploutos,
the Greek God of Wealth and Abundance.

It represents an inexhaustible source of benefits.

Serge Marjollet, aka John Edward Tang, noted
and deplored for many years the disappearance
of this symbol and of all its representations.

Nicknamed "JET", this Initiate, true "Merlin the wizard"
aged 70, is known internationally for his beneficial actions
and the thousands of testimonies that describe them.

He is also the bestselling author of more than 40
books published in French at Editions Fortuna.


Experience the Energies of

This sparkling Horn of Plenty radiates
benefits of Abundance for you and your family…

Stand or sit preferably facing the East (where the sun rises).
Let the Energies of Abundance radiate during
60 seconds maximum, which is more than enough
to receive Abundance.

You must not print it nor photocopy it.

Now click and remain passive during 60 seconds. Enjoy!

And let plenty of friends and people benefit from
this site by recommending it to them.




You are now under
the beneficial wing of Abundance.
Thank her.

Thank you for writing your testimony
on the site
It will certainly help others.

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